Ultimate Guide to Website Design Cost in 2019

  • Web design refers to how the web page looks — its layout and interface
  • Web development relates to the actual functioning of a web project
Difference Between Website Developer and Web Designer

3 Options for Website Design Creation

1. DIY Website Cost

  • DIY Services: Wordpress, Wix, Shopify (for e-commerce projects), etc.
  • Design cost (included in website package): $0 — $500+
Wix Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • simple, one-page websites (landings)
  • web projects without scalability plans
  • personal portfolio sites
  • personal blogs or services
  • generic website design
  • challenges with website consistency, updates, and maintenance
  • high dependency on third-party service
  • low level of website customization and flexibility
  • limited scalability
  • possible website freezes and slow operation
  • no application of new technologies on a design layout

2. Website Pricing for Freelance Design Services

  • Hire a freelancer: locally or on freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer.com, etc.
  • Design cost: $500 — $2000+
  • small web projects or minor web design works
  • only website design is needed
  • branding materials
  • hard and long process of finding a capable and reliable web designer
  • project management process is on the client’s side completely
  • additional expenses and management efforts involved with hiring a web developer
  • potential issues with communication
  • potential issues in keeping up with the deadlines
  • risks involved with distributing project materials or other inappropriate actions of a freelancer
  • risks connected with unsatisfactory end results

3. Custom Design Cost when Hiring an Agency

  • Hire a software development agency locally or work with an offshore company
  • Design cost: $2,000 — $5,000+
  • ability to scale the web project easily (add & adjust web pages)
  • application of SEO and marketing practices
  • creation of a unique design in order to stand out from the competitors
  • independence from third-party services and design templates
  • creation of a web design to fit the target audience portrait
  • application of custom visual elements (animations, illustrations, icons)
  • development of well-thought-out user navigation
  • ability to quickly adjust the design to meet emerging technologies
  • ability to devote time to the core business needs (project management is on the agency’s side)
  • custom website design is fully your property
  • web projects with further scalability needs
  • sites that want to experiment with technologies
  • complex websites, web platforms, or e-commerce sites
  • websites with extensive back-end management (admin panel)
Website Design Cost: Rates on Design Service Worldwide

How Custom Design Cost is Estimated

3-Step Process of a Custom Web Design Creation

User Experience vs. User Interface
  • User experience (UX wireframes) — this is the backbone of any web project and is the core skeleton of a system, its functionality, and usability.
  • User interface (UI mockups) — this is a visual representation of the web project using colors, typography, graphics, icons, and accounts for the overall atmosphere of the product.
Custom Website Design Creation Process
  1. Collection of web project requirements (business and technical)
  2. Creation of web design sketches and wireframes
Sketch Example of a Website by Hand
Sketch Example of a Website in Figma
Custom Website Design Examples (Mood Boards)
  • Web design sketches
  • Web design wireframes
  • Web design mood boards (UI samples)
  • Web design mockups
  • UI Kit
  • Branding — e.g. logo, favicon, banners, brand book patterns, etc.
  • Clickable web product prototype — for fundraising, presentation, or promotion purposes
  • Map screen — for complex projects and/or project presentations
  • User testing — for existing web projects, to find out which flow is taken by users and so on (usually conducted by Business Analyst and UX/UI Designer)

Factors that Influence Custom Design Pricing

  • Type of website
  • Website interactivity and responsiveness
  • Basic vs. custom website design
Comparison between Basic and Custom Website Elements
Basic Website Design Example
Custom Website Design Example

Website Design Services and Their Costs

Extra: Website Redesign Cost & Process

Website Redesign Process
  1. Is my website easy to navigate and find the necessary information?
  2. Is my website informative and does it represent the company well?
  3. How do my competitors’ websites look? Are they updated regularly?
  4. Does my website comply with material design standards?
  5. Does my website bring me profit (visitors convert into sales)?
  • Evaluate the functional and business requirements of the website
  • List the elements, pages, tasks, etc, for a website redesign
  • Review current website design

What Does Website Design Cost in 2019?

  • Create a minimal and clear user interface
  • Highlight the value proposition of the business
  • Apply high-quality, stylish images
  • Design with conversion rate in mind
  • Show your users rather than tell



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