Outsourcing Software Development: Models, & Top Locations

The State of Software Outsourcing in 2019

Revenues from Outsourcing Services

The Risks & Rewards of Outsourcing Software

Top 5 Mistakes You are Likely to Make When Outsource

The Benefits of Outsourcing Development

  1. Cost-saving- there are three factors why outsourcing saves costs. Lower prices, tax rates, and savings on in-house labor laws.
  2. Access to a larger talent pool- attracting top talent is easier if you go global. Using temps and vendors is more convenient, as you can hire the specific expertise as needed.
  3. Time savings- with wider resources, you are in a position to better manage deadlines. It’s not only about bigger teams — better task distribution matters as well.
  4. Streamlining the business process- outsourcing streamlines business processes, which leaves space for concentration on core values. Additionally, you enjoy better risk management and accommodation of peak loads.
  5. Security- this is the domain that requires the highest expertise and most up-to-date skills. A well-trained contractor team can provide these exact things.

3 Models of Outsourcing Software

Advantages of the Main Software Outsourcing Models
  • The fixed price model
  • The time and material model
  • The dedicated team

Top 5 Destinations for Outsourcing

Main Regions for Software Development Outsourcing

1. Eastern Europe

2. Asia

3. South America

4. Africa

5. Optimal zone for outsourcing

How to Start with Outsourcing Successfully



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