Medical App Development Guide to Build HIPAA-compliant Software

Categories and Components in Digitizing the Healthcare Industry

The Challenges You Can Resolve with Medical App

Key Benefits of Starting with Medical App Creation
Epocrates Medical App Functionality
Healixir App for Timely Medication Intake
Screens of Medical Software — Idana
Doctorate App Screens

Types and Examples of Medical Apps

Most Popular Types of Medical Apps
  • Treatment monitoring apps
  • Patient engagement apps
  • Telemedicine apps (telehealth apps)
Telemedicine Apps Statistics in 2020
  • Medication management and e-prescription apps
  • Medical reference apps
  • Electronic healthcare record (EHR) apps
  • Chronic disease management apps
  • Professional networking apps
  • Patient healthcare tracking apps
  • Medical appointment booking apps
  • Medical calculator apps
  • Educational apps
  • Mental health apps
  • Wellness apps
Most Promising Areas for Medical Apps

How to Create a Medical App: Step-by-Step Process

1. Learning the needs of your target audience

  • Divide them into groups and define your customer profile
  • Collect their thoughts, needs, problems, and similar data (through polls, questionnaires, and interviews)
  • Identify your early adopters (potential customers)

2. Document Your Medical App Requirements

  • Concept for medical app project
  • Defined customer portrait
  • List of expectations and requests from your target audience
  • Competitor and market research

3. Compose Your Unique Value Proposition

  • Zocdoc: Find the right doctor right now with Zocdoc
  • Medscape: Your one-stop resource for medical news, clinical reference, and education
  • iPrescribe: Prescribing made painless
  • Practice Fusion: Meet the EHR that helps independent practices thrive

4. Test your app’s assumptions

5 . Create a medical app sketch

Hospital Management System Prototype

6. Find Professional Medical App Developers

Software Outsourcing Regions for App Development
Detailed Process to Outsource App Development

7. Build a Solid Medical App

Discovery Stage

  • Business analysis (functional specifications, product backlog)
  • Design (UX/UI design)
  • Project architecture (architecture vision)
  • Market & Competitor analysis (on-demand)

Development Stage

Example of MLSDev Workflow Scheme

8. Launch Your Service Correctly

9. Market Your Medical App

  • Use social media marketing to announce the app
  • Use paid ads (on Facebook, Google)
  • Content marketing
  • Build a referral network (let other resources, like bloggers, talk up your app)
  • Finally, ask your first clients for referrals
Business Model Canvas for Medical App

Features for Custom Medical Apps

  • Video conferencing feature
Medical App: Online Conferencing Functionality (Source: Dribbble)
  • Speech recognition (SR)
  • Web Speech Specification API — text-to-speech functionality
  • Web Speech API — voice recognition
  • Google Cloud Speech API — transcription
  • HPE Haven OnDemand Speech Recognition API — speech-to-text functionality
  • Patient and doctor profiles
  • Search functionality
  • Listing functionality
  • Offline access
  • Booking feature
Doctor Booking Functionality Sample (Source: Dribbble)
  • E-prescription feature
  • Activity feed
  • Health dashboard
Samsung Health Dashboard Example
  • Progress tracking and sharing feature
  • Medical records and calculation feature
  • Symptom checker
  • Messaging functionality
  • Custom notifications and reminders
  • Wearable connection
  • Cloud integration
  • Payment processing
  • CRM, Analytics, & Reporting
Medical Dashboard Example

Usage of Emerging Technologies

  • AI & ML integration
  • Blockchain integration
  • VR-based functionality
  • IoT
Innovations in Healthcare Industry

Crucial Aspects of Any Medical App

1. Compliance with regulations

HIPAA Compliance and Data Protection
  1. IEC 62304
  2. The ISO/IEC 27000
  3. SOC Type 2

2. Improving interoperability

3. Data protection and encryption

Cost of Medical Apps

Note: This is a summary of a guide.
Check out more details and recommendations to build a medical app in the
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