IT Sector State in Ukraine During War & How to Relocate Your Project from a Russian Vendor

Current State of IT Sector in Ukraine

State of Software Development Market in Ukraine (2021)

Ukraine Stands Strong: How You Can Support the Country

1. Make Donations

2. Help & Host Ukrainian Refugees

3. Follow & Share Trustworthy Information

4. Become a Medical or Other Volunteer

5. Spread the News or Write About Ukraine on Social Media

Predictions for the Information Technology Industry in Ukraine

  • They are relocating their experts to safer places in Ukraine
  • They are relocating their experts to different countries in Europe
  • Companies are opening offices in safe Ukrainian cities
  • Many companies are opening offices in Europe and the USA

How to Transfer Your Project to a New IT Vendor

6-Step Process to Transfer your Project

1. Find & Hire a New IT Company

2. Identify What Knowledge to Collect

  • Sensitive data
  • Product regulatory compliance
  • Access to the code repository
  • Technical documentation of key algorithms
  • Specification of classes and app layers
  • Deployment, troubleshooting, and installation guidelines
  • Software development workflow
  • CI/CD best practices
  • Software development tools and techniques

3. Define People who Transfer & Receive Knowledge

4. Collect Knowledge Items

5. Measure the Performance

6. Manage the Offshore Team Effectively

  • Share the vision of your company
  • Initiate visits and business trips to meet people in person
  • Plan meetings with time zone differences in mind
  • Automate processes that can be automated
  • Motivate the team by showing your engagement

Final Word

For more details refer to the publication on the MLSDev website.



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