How to Make Your App Successful

  • unique app concept
  • usefulness
  • usability
  • performance
  • appearance
  • engagement

Step 1: Conduct the Market Research

  1. Study forums and questions being asked.
  2. Search for trends with Google.
  3. Gain some insight with the help of Google Keyword Planner.
  4. Attend tech startups, meetups, and hackathons.
  5. Take some time to observe the world around you.
  6. Conduct polls & questionnaires among potential app users.
  7. Ask potential users on social networks and their groups.
  8. Speak to business owners about their current, and potential future, pain points.
  9. Check vendors and organization that provide startup funding.
  10. Check all the top apps and top app categories of your interest.
  11. Check CrunchBase for mobile apps succeeding in the seed funding rounds.
  12. A tool like AppTweak can help you understand whether some competitive apps are in the top charts for downloads.

Step 2: Finalize an App Idea

Step 3: Define a Successful App Strategy

  • Goals & Plans Further
  • Technological Preference
  • Resources & Costs
  • Marketing & Rewards Evaluation

Step 4: Designing a Catchy App

  • Does it take 2 taps to do what you want with the app?
  • If the number of elements is more than 5, you need to redesign it.
  • Every product should be designed in a way that can be used 98% of the time.

Step 5: Successful Mobile App Development

Step 6: Launch an App Successfully

  • Integrate analytics tools
  • Conduct beta-testing
  • Collect the metrics

Step 7: Succeed in the App Stores

Step 8: Promoting an App Successfully

Step 9: Check the Mobile App Metrics Regularly

Step 10: Ongoing App Engagement and Support

  • Development of new features (functionality growth + further product development)
  • Quality assurance (stability control + reducing the risk of errors)
  • Business model review and constant competitor analysis (ensuring your business strategy and competitor analysis are up-to-date)



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