How to Build an App Like Clubhouse: Everything You Need to Know

Buzz Around the Clubhouse App: Why It Became Popular

  • New York Times: the invite-only app draws attention with exclusivity.
  • Forbes: the audio-only app feeds the need for human connection.
  • CNBC: celebrities and high-profile venture capitalists are promoting it.
  • Vogue: FOMO fuels people to download the latest tech trend.
  1. Exclusivity — the invite-only app
  2. Audio-based unscripted and unrecorded conversations
  3. Simple interface
  4. Unlimited selection of rooms
  5. Personal optimization

8 Core Features of Clubhouse

1. Onboarding

  • Profile setting
Clubhouse: Onboarding Screens
Username Screens inside the Clubhouse App
  • Interests selection
Interests Selection Screens
Profile Suggestion Page of the Clubhouse App
  • Clubhouse notifications
Setting Clubhouse Notifications

2. Clubhouse Invitation

How to Receive an Invitation to the Clubhouse App
  1. Register on a virtual waiting list
  2. Get a Clubhouse invite from a person already there
  3. Buy an invite

3. Feed — Clubhouse Hallway

Clubhouse App: Events Screens

4. Clubhouse Rooms

Start a Room in Clubhouse
  • List of speakers participating in the room
  • Possibility to search inside a room
  • “Raise hand” button
  • “Leave quietly” button
How to Start an Event at Clubhouse

5. User profile

User Profile on the Clubhouse App

6. Clubhouse Clubs

  • Club name
  • Club logo or picture
  • Short description
  • Categories of interest
  • Members
Following Functionality in the Clubhouse App
  1. Admin
  2. Members

7. Search

Clubhouse Search Feature

8. Upcoming for you

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

  1. Size and location of the IT vendor
  2. Complexity of functionality
  3. Back-end infrastructure and connected APIs
  4. Complexity of UX/UI design
  5. Branded visuals
  6. Development approach and number of platforms
Cost to Build a Clubhouse App Based on Software Development Vendor

1. Hire a freelancer

2. Hire a local IT company

3. Outsource software development

  • High quality of the end-product
  • Corporate-level quality of cooperation and communication
  • Effective project management
  • Reasonable pricing and rates
Regions to Outsource Software Development

Services & Processes to Build an App

  • Saves time and cost on the development steps
  • Validation and fixing of the business and technical requirements
  • Documentation of project functionality and task prioritization
  • Documentation of potential risks and their coverage
  • Allocation of the required tech expertise and programmers
  • Sync between the client and the development team
Custom Software Development Process by MLSDev

8 Key Steps to Create a Clubhouse App

  • Improvement in existing functionality
  • Additional features
  • Wider choice of platforms (for example, you could create Clubhouse for Android)
  • Lower cost for plans, etc.

Note: This is a summary of a guide.
Check out more details and recommendations to build a video chat app in the complete article on the MLSDev blog.



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