How to Build a CRM Solution for your Business from Scratch

Feature-Set for Custom CRM Development

Basic Features of Your Own CRM

Basic Features to Build a CRM

Advanced CRM Functionality

Advanced Features of CRM

How Much Does it Cost to Build a CRM?

  • Work with freelancers
  • Address local IT firms
  • Outsource software development to Eastern Europe
Cost to Build a CRM Based on Software Development Vendor

CRM Development: Services and Processes

  • Discovery — an exploration of market possibilities, competitors, and overall project planning with a project mind map, functional specifications, and product backlog
  • Development — all tasks associated with software development.
Stages & Services of Custom CRM Development

1. Discovery Stage

  • Market analysis (on demand)
  • Competitor analysis (on demand)
  • Concept mind map creation
  • Documentation of functional specifications
  • Product backlog
Product Backlog Sample
  • UX — user experience (wireframes)
  • UI — user interface (mockups)
  • Branding elements (e.g. logo)
  • Animations and illustrations

2. Development Stage

8 Key Considerations & Steps for CRM Development

Key Considerations when Building a CRM from Scratch

1. Define Commercial Goals

Why Create a Custom CRM for Marketing, Sales, Service Departments?

2. Finalize CRM Roles

3. Check Out Legal Restrictions

4. Decide on the Supported Platforms

5. Specify FRS & SRS

6. Staff Training Considerations

7. Thoughts about Service Support and Improvement

8. Usage of Artificial Intelligence in Future Versions

Learn from CRM System Types and Examples

Types & Examples of CRM Systems

1. Operational CRM

Hubspot- Operational CRM System Example

2. Analytical CRM

Salesforce- Analytical CRM Example

3. Strategic or Collaborative CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365- Collaborative CRM Example

Custom CRM Creation based on User Type

  • Account management
  • Sale scheduling
  • Sales analytics
  • Promo and sales campaign management
  • Exploring customer types
  • Business performance analysis
  • Information base
  • Customer support interface
  • Automated analytics

Key Benefits to Create a CRM from Scratch

Main Disadvantages of Ready-Made CRM Solutions

  • Insufficient integration
  • Many additional fields
  • Improper UI / UX design
  • Difficult to stand out

How to Find the Perfect IT Partner to Build a CRM

Process for Finding CRM Developers
  • Pay attention to the questions asked
  • Check the portfolio
  • Check reviews
  • Choose a geographical region
  • Get in touch with prospects
  • Ask the right questions

Note: This is a summary of a guide.
Check out more details and recommendations to build a video chat app in the complete article on the MLSDev blog.



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