How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like Instagram in 2019?

Obviously, it took years and thousands of dollars to make Instagram. There are regular requests about building a similar app. Every time our team digs deeper, each such request has different intentions and goals often similar to Instagram due to the wide app functionality.

The key information about Instagram and the general MVP of a photo-sharing app to start with, in the article: How to Make an App Like Instagram: Tech Stack, Features, Costs.

The Complex System of Instagram

Instagram constantly improves the user experience by maintaining simple, intuitive navigation for new users along with monochrome and laconic design.

The Instagram App Functionality

  • Authorization (via email, phone number, or Facebook)
  • Create and edit profile (including Business profile)
  • Messages
  • Image customization
  • Determination of geolocation
  • View user profiles and follow other users
  • Personalized feed
  • Search (by posts, usernames, tags, and places)
  • Mentions
  • Analytics
  • Settings

For a more demonstrative mode, the image below represents the Instagram app functionality.

Photo & Video Instagram App

The year 2017 was dedicated to Instagram stories by allowing users to broadcast short videos.

Also, Instagram has become an innovator in mobile television. The platform also launched IGTV for vertical videos adapted for smartphones.

Messaging Instagram App

Instagram as an E-commerce Platform & Business App

Supported Products for Instagram

Instagram also has a few sub-projects. All these are working with video and photo-processing applications namely:

  • Boomerang- creates unexpected and fun short videos that circle back and forth
  • Layout — makes collages from a set of photos by mixing and editing them
  • Hyperlapse — allows stabilizing videos to create time lapse shots

How Much Does Instagram Cost to Create?

  • number of features
  • complexity of features
  • design specifics
  • number of platforms and operating system details
  • technology preferences
  • development team capabilities & rates
  • project management, etc.

How Much Would it Cost to Create an App Like Instagram?

  • Logging and tracking user interest
  • Geotagging photos
  • Calendar of specific memories
  • Exploring NearMe prints
  • Social sharing
  • Following friends based on a specific interest
  • Discovering new places
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Rewards

Description of App Features Similar to Instagram

Architecture & Technology Stack in Instagram-Like App

Mobile Frontend Instagram-Like App Development

The following technologies are used for the front-end development:

  • Swift programming language — for iOS application
  • HTML/CSS/AngularJS — for admin panel

Backend Development for Instagram-Like App

Our team used the following technologies to develop the project`s back-end:

  • Ruby programming language (Ruby-on-Rails framework)
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Web servers: Nginx
  • Cloud server platforms: Amazon Web Services (AWS, EC2, S3, etc.)

The integrations used in the project included:

  • Google Maps API
  • Facebook SDK
  • Instagram API

To Sum Things Up

Let’s outline the total app cost by setting an hourly rate of $30 as the cost (based on the average Ukrainian market rate). With these known values, the total cost to develop a project (on one platform) similar in functionality to Instagram would be around $115,000.

To summarize, the steps to make an app like Instagram are as follows:

  • Analyze the market and develop your strategy
  • Come up with your unique and outstanding app concept
  • Get support from investors
  • Hire a development team to build an MVP for you
  • Work out your PR and marketing steps and launch the promotional campaign several months prior to the product release
  • Add unique features to your app to get it into the spotlight
  • Perform thorough app testing to make sure its quality is flawless and that it is user-friendly
  • Don’t forget to keep up with your competitors
  • Enjoy your success!

Reach out to us to build your own “Instagram app”. We`d be glad to assist and grow your social networking project together.

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