Create a Restaurant App that Brings Profit: 9-Step Process, Advanced Features, & Costs

Are you a restaurant owner who wants to bring your business to new heights?

One way to achieve great results, increase awareness of your restaurant, and make your business more competitive is through software development.

Let’s discover how to create an app that will benefit your restaurant business.

5 Key Reasons to Build an App for Restaurants

So, why do people use restaurant apps? According to a Statista survey in 2013, the top reasons to use a restaurant app were to view menus and prices, check out hours of operation, and search for nearby restaurants.

Take a look at the provided graph to get a better idea of what your target users might be looking for in a restaurant mobile app.

Top Reasons to Use Restaurant Apps

According to restaurant app statistics, there are two main spheres of use. Almost 30% of customers use them to order food online, and 23.8% turn to these apps to make a reservation with their favorite restaurants.

Highlighted below are the main advancements a business can get from app development.

1. Customer loyalty

Restaurant Apps that Increased Sales due to Loyalty Programs

2. Payment options

Restaurant Apps and their Number of Mobile Payments

3. Location-based marketing

Restaurant Apps and their Increase in Company Value

4. Ordering and delivery

Restaurant Apps and their Ordering via Food Mobile Apps

5. Entertainment

Restaurant Apps that Engage with Customers

The benefits of creating a mobile app for restaurant ordering are numerous and far too attractive not to consider them when contemplating the idea of app creation.

Categories & Top Examples of Restaurant App

We can suggest that the options below are types of mobile restaurant apps that are a safe bet, as they are all popular in the industry today.

Best Restaurant Apps by Category

There are five main types of applications with examples of the top restaurant apps within each category, namely:

1. Restaurant-locator app- Zomato app

2. Table-reservation app- OpenTable

3. On-table ordering and payment app- FlipDish

4. Online ordering and delivery app- Domino’s Pizza

5. Loyalty program app- Starbucks

Step-by-Step Process to Build a Restaurant App

Below, you can check out how to develop such an app by following a 9-step process, namely:

1. Conduct market research

Market research should be your first step in the app development process.

2. Set your strategy and business goals

Think about the main KPIs, set business goals, and search for the best ways to receive the necessary results.

3. Find a software development company

You need to approach this aspect with consideration and choose a company that has experience working with industry-related projects and has already created a restaurant app.

4. Figure out exact restaurant app functionality

With the help of a professional software development agency, you need to make a product backlog and list all the features that will be implemented during the app development process.

5. Design a professional restaurant app and website

Design is part of the foundation for successful mobile app development. The main steps in app design can include:

  • Research
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Branding
  • Illustrations & Animations

6. Test, deploy, and launch the application

By the time you are ready to launch an application, all the features should be fully implemented so that the app will work without a hitch.

7. Roll out marketing campaigns

Whether you are developing a mobile app for restaurant ordering or the one to order food from home, it is a good idea to start a marketing campaign that will help you tell the world about your product.

8. Collect and analyze feedback on your restaurant app

By collecting feedback on your products, you will be able to find out which features are useful and which ones your application lacks.

9. Ongoing application support and enhancement

Continuous support should also ensure that your application is optimized for the latest versions of operating systems and shows the highest performance.

If you decide to start a project, think about the web version of your application and a website that will represent your brand online.

Here is a list of 12-steps toward creating a restaurant website, namely:

  1. Selecting a capable restaurant website development vendor
  2. Business analysis and product backlog development (listing all website functionality)
  3. Planning the website infrastructure
  4. Creating content for a restaurant website
  5. UX/UI design creation for the website
  6. Finding appropriate web hosting
  7. Purchasing a necessary domain name
  8. Applying SSL certificate for website security
  9. Website coding phase (front-end and back-end)
  10. Quality assurance and testing the website
  11. Website setup and launch
  12. Ongoing website maintenance and support

Engaging Functionality of Restaurant App

The below functionality will help you create an app with basic functionality or more advanced features to stand out among competing solutions.

MLSDev Concept: App for a Restaurant

Core Features of Restaurant App

We have gathered the basic features that build the basis of any application for a restaurant.

  • Menu screens
  • Online ordering and pre-ordering
  • Table reservations
  • Online payments
  • Food delivery
  • Locating restaurants nearby
  • Loyalty programs
  • Social media interaction
  • Push notifications

Advanced Functionality of Restaurant App

What if you wanted to build an application that would be different?

Listed below the most interesting and novel features that will do the trick in the development of a custom restaurant app.

  • Chatbots
  • Location-based services
  • Taxi ordering
  • Gamification

This state-of-the-art-technology is just finding its way into most applications, and restaurant apps are no different.

Budget Necessary to Build a Restaurant App & Website

The question of how much it costs to develop a restaurant app is complex. In general, the budget necessary to create an app can start at $50,000 and go beyond $240,000.

The app cost depends on many factors, like the development vendor you hire, features you want to include, the number of operating platforms (web, iOS, Android, etc.), level of customization the solution will have, and so on.

Below is a table that illustrates the rough costs with core components on one platform and the price to develop a project with more complex functionality.

Our company divides the development process into the Discovery and Development stages, which include the following steps:

Discovery stage:

  • Business analysis
  • UX/UI design
  • Software architecture planning
  • Project management
  • Team review

Development stage:

  • Early planning (1–2 week period, 1st development sprint)
  • Development
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Project management
  • Team review

Take a look at the scheme representing the process that influences mobile app development cost and its precise calculation.

Custom Software Development Process to Create a Restaurant App

Cooperation with a dedicated software development firm — an optimal option, as only by working with experienced developers can you feel secure about the quality of your application and the overall success of the project.

Just remember that the money you invest in app development is justified by the quality of work you will get.

Our Expertise In Restaurant App Development

MLSDev team has vast experience in custom mobile app development that helps us in our work while making projects that meet all the requirements. We have developed the following solutions that best show our expertise:

GoPuff — a delivery application that started as a mobile food delivery app and quickly grew into a solution where users can order a bunch of different things.

Online Food Ordering and Delivery App: GoPuff

TableFever — native solution that you can use to search for available restaurants nearby and book a table.

Restaurant Table-Reservation App: TableFever

This is a summary of an article. Check out more details and recommendations for developing a messaging app inside the complete article on the MLSDev blog.




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